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Fincross International's Lavegardi: "We are on the age of asset tokenisation"
With the emergence and proliferation of the crypto technology/economy, the age of asset tokenisation has begun.

January 16, 2019 | Essi Lavegardi

We are on the precipice of a financial revolution, a new internet of money that will fundamentally change the way society distributes value and capital in the digital age. Reshaping the global financial sector in the process; it won’t happen overnight, but it has already begun.

A decade after the launch of Bitcoin, the financial industry at large has failed to establish a clear and integrated response to how it will leverage distributed ledger technology. A conservative corporate culture, new regulatory requirements, a lack of innovation and conflicting incentives structures have led large players within the financial sector to utilise and apply new innovative technologies within the financial industry.

However, this is starting to change…

With the emergence and proliferation of the crypto technology and economy, the age of asset tokenisation has begun.

In an increasingly digital and global world, traditional ways of transferring and trading assets take too long and are too expensive and cumbersome for most people. Some assets are difficult to physically transfer, divide and track, especially between different jurisdictions and economic zones.

A new wave of new smaller, nimble crypto start-ups are already starting to digitise traditional assets like stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, antiques and currencies, changing the way in which assets are traded, managed and secured- revolutionising the way businesses operate.

Through the emergence of new superior decentralised financial products and services, I like to think of it as a digital infrastructure inversion, a decentralised internet of money that is starting to absorb more and more users, capital and assets of traditional financial markets.

Tokenisation would allow innovators a host of benefits that leverage us to unlock greater liquidity from assets that are illiquid and hard to divide. The starting capital needed in acquiring a large physical as...

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Keywords: Decentralisation, Distributed Ledger Technology, Digitalisation, Blockchain, Start-ups, Tokenisation