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Retail Banking News Updates, April 6th 2011
Date: Apr 06, 2011   |   Author: The Asian Banker Editor | News Updates
This week's retail banking news includes Morgan Stanley's latest private wealth management office in India, DBS Private Bank's new Southeast Asia MD, Doha Bank's mobile banking services, Citibank's smart banking outlet in a Chinese airport, and AMEX using BNZ's anti-skimming technology.
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Retail Banking News Updates, March 30th 2011
Date: Mar 30, 2011   |   Author: The Asian Banker Editor | News Updates
This week's retail banking news includes SBI's new self-service banking centre, Deustche Postbank's sale of its Indian mortgage unit, OCBC's new Android mobile banking application, St. George's new simplified mobile banking application, and key appointments by Barclays Wealth.
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Retail Banking News Updates, March 23rd 2011
Date: Mar 23, 2011   |   Author: The Asian Banker Editor | News Updates
This week's retail banking news includes Mizuho's resumption of its ATM services, UBS' Wealth Management's troubles in Australia, Union Bank's mobile payment services, ANZ Wealth NZ's new GM, BNM's new credit card rules, and UAE's ban on telemarketing retail financial products.
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Key findings from the Excellence in Retail Financial Services programme evaluation 2011
Date: Mar 22, 2011   |   Author: Research | Discussion slides
Alternative channels and mortgages have moved to the centre of attention of retail bankers in 2010. Our evaluation demonstrates the dominance of the Top 10 banks in risk management, technology and channel efficiency.
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Elements of success to compete in China’s leaping retail banking industry
Date: Mar 21, 2011   |   Author: Li Xiaopeng | Discussion slides
ICBC sees wealth management, internet banking, globalisation as the key trends affecting China’s retail banking landscape today. The bank aligns its strategy along six key elements of success.

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